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These hardnecks throw their scapes in June just before bulb harvest. Bulbs are typically large and bright white (inspiring the name Porcelain) although purple or copper streaking often appears depending on growing conditions. Bulbs average 4-6 exceptionally large cloves, each skin ranging from yellowish-tan to brown to reddish-purple in both background and streaking. Cloves are easy to peel. As a group, Porcelains are among the highest yields of allicin, the sulfur compound most associated with garlic's therapeutic benefits. As a result, they are often more pungent and unsubtle and lack the flavor complexity and depth found in Purple Stripes. Nonetheless, they work well for any dish that calls for assertive garlic flavor. Also, Porcelains (more than any other hardnecks) set larger bulbs when their scapes are removed.