About Us

Singer Farm Naturals was started in 2009 by Tom & Viv Szulist, in order to grow organic gourmet garlic, and also as a way to retail the delicious orchard fruits grown by separate family farm, Singer Farms LLC. 

For us, sustainable living and green technology is central to what we are all about. We use solar, wind and other emerging technologies in every part of our business and home. Having the opportunity to make something tangible from our belief in living a sustainable lifestyle is both hugely exciting and occasionally difficult. We may not get it all ‘right’ on every green possibility, but our intention is to at least try. 

Sharing our experiences and knowledge gathered along this journey is key. We hope to have a friendly & accessible venue that can help people become more savvy about the food they’re eating & their own local food network, as well as encouraging ways of living the the good life; the ‘environmentally responsible life’.

You are very welcome to come visit us at the farm and see what we're up to. Just email or call and ask for Tom or Viv.

Singer Farm Naturals 'Legacy Barn'; as painted in 1940's by Harlan Dickie, who was a close friend of Harold & Grace Singer.